Tuesday, June 7, 2011

let the story begin.........

there is fine line between crush and love

as soon as i get home i go straight to my lappy and look at ur message hoping u'll somehow confess ur luv 4 me

u'r d kind of guy who could slit my throat and wit my last breath.. i'd apologize 4 getting blood on ur shirt

every love song make me cry bcoz it's remind me bout u

love is like playing piano..

first u must learn to play by the rules...

then u forget the rules and play it wit ur heart..

sometimes i wonder if life is really worth it..

then i look at ur smile and i know it is

if u luv somebody, set them free

if they return,they were always urs..

if they don't, they were never

never frown when ur sad...

bcoz u never know who 's falling in luv wit ur smile

no person is worth ur tears...

and the one who is won't make u cry

to the world u may be one person..

but to one person..u may be the world...

sometimes, someone can say something small that can fit into big empty space in ur heart

if u luv someone..don't put their name in ur heart..but put in a circle...

a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..

if i could hold a star for every time u made me smile, 

i would have to whole night sky in the palms of my hands

some people say u only fall in luv once...

but every time i hear ur voice i fall in luv all over again

anyone can catch ur eye...but it takes someone special to catch ur heart

u know u're in luv when the hardest things to do is say good bye...

if u can't get someone out of ur head...

then maybe they supposed 2 be there

loving u is like breathing...how can i stop??

i believe in luv like i believe god....

u can't touch it...u can't see it... but u can feel its wrath

when i see u i get sick feeling in my tummy...

but it's the sick feeling i luv to feel

i get the best feeling in the world when u say hi to me or even smile becoz i know 4 a second i crossed ur mind

the worst way to miss someone is to have sitting right next to u and know u can never have them

should i smile bcoz u r my friend or cry bcoz that's all we'll ever be

we come to love by not finding a perfect person...

but by learning to love an imperfect person perfectly...

the spaces between ur fingers were made so another person could fill them

one day i caught myself  smiling for no reason...

then i realized i was thinking bout u

once i dropped a tears into the ocean...

the day i find it is the day i'll stop loving u

u know u're in luv when u don't want to go to sleep bcoz ur life is better than a dream

meeting u was fate...becoming ur friend is a choice but falling in luv wit u was my beyond control

i was matching a star to each thing i luv bout u....

i was doing great until i ran out of stars

trying to forget someone u loved is like tryning to remember someone u never knew

tthe shortest word i know is "i"

the sweetest word i know is "love"

and the one i'll never forget is " you"

my heart aches completely....every hours...everyday.....

and only i'm wit u does the pain go away

in a room of full people...u'r always the first one i look for

i want to fall 4 u...but i'm not sure u that u'll catch me

anyone can make u smile..many can make u cry...but it takes someone special to make u smile wit tears in ur eyes

i wonder what u thinking when u looks at me and smile

i don't think u realize how easily u make me smile

why am i afraid to lose u when u're  not even mine?

i swear i'd rip out my heart if u said u'd be impressed

i want to be a reason u smile

u'll never understand how much i luv u

and i'll never understand why

thanx a lot mom

~KaLo SuKe..SiLaLaH CoMmEnT ^-^ ~

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