Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A WaLk In MoUnTaInS

 a son and his father were walking in the mountains

suddenly, his son falls , hurts himself and screams : " arghhh !!!!!"

to his suprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain : " arghhh !!!!!! "

curious , he yells : " who are you ??? "

he received the answer : " who are you?? "

angerad at the response, he screams : " coward !!!! "

he received the answer : " coward ! "

he look to his father and asks : " what is going on? "

the father smile and says : "my son , pay attention "

and then he screams to the mountain : " i admire you "

the voice answer " i admire you :

again the man scream : " you are a champion "

the voices answer : " you are a champion "

the boy is suprised but does not understand..

then the father explains: " people call this ECHO...but really this is LIFE

it gives you back everything you say or do

our life is simply a reflection of our actions

if you want more love in the world , create more love in your heart

if you want more competence in your team , improve your competence

this relationship applies to everything , in all aspects of life

life will give you back everything you have given to it "

your life is not a coincidence. it's a reflection of you ! 

~KaLo SuKe..SiLaLaH CoMmEnT ^-^ ~

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